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In The Press: Hakuna Supply Featured on The Hemp Revolution Podcast by Ely Anne Vedar

Ilan Freeman is the founder and CEO of Hakuna Supply, an award-winning lifestyle brand focused on creating high-quality products using sustainable materials. Hakuna Supply offers an eclectic collection of cannabis storage solutions and accessories, CBD consumables and beverages.

In this podcast episode, Ilan shares his jump from the children's toys business to the cannabis space, the challenges in marketing CBD and how he's managing his social and personal life with this profession. Learn how to build and keep a really solid team that you can trust.

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The cannabis industry is on the rise for its medical, commercial, and industrial uses. For people wanting to join the green rush and be in the business, for patients who are being changed by the plant and other relative medicines, or for those who simply want to engage in the conversation around cannabis and hemp and the business being driven by it, you wouldn’t want to miss the Hemp Revolution podcast hosted by James Brinkerhoff and Sonia Gomez. With collectively 30 years plus in the industry, Sonia and James give you the lowdown and the insider’s scoop to what’s happening in the industry. Join our fun and informative conversation every week to be in the know about everything and anything cannabis here on the Hemp Revolution podcast. To learn more visit our website We don’t just give you the aerial view. As pioneers and innovators in the industry, James and Sonia bring real, raw, and dependable content in every episode. Get unfiltered information from the people on the ground as they bring in result-oriented people and guests who have put blood, sweat, and tears into the industry and are putting up serious numbers. Learn from the best of the best as they talk about their stories, share their struggles, and give the keys to success that they have learned through their own experience. Get to hear from the patients whose lives are being transformed by the products that are available in the marketplace. More importantly, discover key connections, direction, and growth strategies that you can implement right away with your own team. Coming from two different facets, James and Sonia became experts in the industry through opposite channels – with James building a profitable business in the space and Sonia being a patient. From soil all the way to sales, James has worked every single process associated with cultivating and creating some of the world's top products. Following his passion for organic gardening, sustainable living, and natural health, he found himself in the mecca of all of those things in Garberville, California while attending the Heartwood Institute in the early 90s. At the peak of his own business, James built and scaled an entire systematized model to help families enter into the green rush and build legacy-type businesses for themselves and their families. In 2009, he started to look at the Colorado market and supported the development of the foundational legislation that would legalize cannabis for a for-profit medical model in the state. Coming from the patient side, Sonia was 16 when she got involved in a near-fatal surfing accident that triggered a whole syndrome in her that was never officially diagnosed. After several years and tens of thousands of dollars and hours with failed medical treatments through the hospital systems, she finally came across a holistic neurologist who introduced her to the endocannabinoid system. She has since become a part of the movement of the legalization of cannabis and a powerful representative and voice for the patients whose lives were changed using this incredible plant medicine. Together, James and Sonia founded one of the first licensed cannabis companies in the world and served over 10,000 patients during their time there. They also helped develop the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is now the governing agency in Colorado with a model that is being duplicated across the United States. Out of their passion and experience, one of the largest, most viral, and hyper-engaged consumer-based education platform - Legalize It, Don’t Criticize It - was built. Be the top dog in the conversation. Consume the best information, guidance, and education from the trusted voice and liaison between companies and consumers.

Ashlee Langas' Stoned Yoga Featured on ABC 7 by Ely Anne Vedar

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Special thanks to Tree4ort Music Studio for providing the location and co-sponsors Hakuna Supply CBD, Cannanano, Mehndi420, My Bud Vase and Inndica for making the day special.

InnDica Tell The Hollywood Reporter "How Hollywood Does High-End Cannabis" by Ely Anne Vedar

Cannatourism is also a burgeoning industry, and 4/20 marked the launch of InnDica, an online travel platform based in L.A. that will allow pot fans to rent an 18,000-square- foot house in Mt. Olympus with a private pool and screening room for cannabis-friendly parties. "It's like if Airbnb and Eventbrite had a baby," says founder Monique Fitzgerald, who aims to roll out full services by summer. Adds Cindy Capobianco, co-founder of Hollywood cannabis wellness brand Lord Jones: "The normalization has happened more quickly than even I expected. But we [Angelenos] live in a bubble."

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