Newsletters Will Always Be A Powerful Marketing Tool / by Ely Anne Vedar

Sending out a regular newsletter may not be a revolutionary idea but it is an important part of every brand’s marketing and pr strategy. Newsletters serve multiple purposes all in one hit by keeping your visitors and customers updated on news, exciting topics, updates and promotions while maintaining and building brand royalty.

Major Perks To Sending Newsletters Out Regularly

  • Reward existing royal customers while finding new ones: Customers have been shown to be more likely to purchase from a newsletter from a brand they already trust and have bought from in the past. Additionally if rewarded for forwarding and/or sharing newsletters with their social network, customers often will follow through with the ask.

  • Low cost: Thanks to its email, a digital email newsletter is financially much cheaper than a printed paper version and the subsequent mailing.

  • Short-term implementation: If the mailing has to be sent on a specific date, you need much less time to prepare for it than with a print version. Even a spontaneous newsletter is possible.

  • No middleman necessary: You can direct the recipients of your newsletter straight to your website or your online store via a link. This means you can immediately track the success of your campaign with visitor and sales statistics!

  • Easy Accessibility: Because many people read their emails on their smartphone, you can reach them almost always and anywhere with your newsletter.

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